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For all your  minor home repairs,  a trusted handyman will do repairs from drywall, plumbing, door locks, you name it. From the first call through project completion, Handyman Windsor will take care of everything.

Installations of doors, locks, windows,  sheds, showers, and toilets.  Handyman Windsor will take on most installations with precision from A to Z.

A leaky faucet, shower head, or a toilet that keeps running can be annoying and expensive. If you have any water leak in your house, call Handyman Windsor to fix it and he can also take care of most of any damage that the leak may have caused as well, such as having to replace drywall.


If you're looking for a handyman to install laminate flooring or custom tile flooring feel confident that Handyman Windsor will lay the flooring correctly and it will look fantastic.

From the smallest dent to a large hole in your drywall, Handyman Windsor can repair drywall holes or damage to your walls. Whether it’s water damage that has been the need to replace or fix the drywall in a your house or damage that was caused by something hitting the wall and creating a hole, you can be confident Handyman Windsor, will fix it correctly and least noticeable. 

Handyman Windsor does a great deal more than just paint your interior walls. We provide a full range of beautification services for your home, cottage, business, or even rural out-buildings. We paint interior walls, exterior, cabinets, and cupboards.

Quality, friendly, cost effective maintenance is essential for providing excellent overall customer service to our tenants and residents. Not only must the buildings be maintained in an efficient and safe manner, the building occupants must feel that their service requests are important and will be handled in a timely manner.

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